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Litigation lawyers (Product Liability and Personal Injury)

Have you ever injured because of a defective product? Do you know how to sue the manufacturer or distributor for this? Have you hired a litigation lawyer for this purpose? This article discusses answers to these questions. We use consumer’s goods every day, and sometimes mistakes happen. There have been cases of serious injuries, illness due to defective products. But the problem is “What should we do in case of such happening” You should consult a litigation lawyer. He may better guide you in this respect.

We know there are no Federal Laws about products safety. Each state has its laws about regulating consumer products and liability.

Product Liability

If you have been affected by a product, you can consult a lawyer. You hold the manufacturer responsible or this for marketing the dangerous commodity in the market. For this purpose, you need to hire a law firm; it must be kept in mind that there are different laws for such matters. Each US state has consumer’s protection laws that cover liability and warranty of manufacturers and sellers.

Litigation Lawyers

Whether you have a business dispute or hurt in a car accident, you need a litigation lawyer. You have a defective product or issue with your neighbor you have to consult with your lawyer. America is known as a litigious society because of the increased number of litigations.

Litigation lawyers are also known as litigators. They represent you in courts of law. He is responsible for helping you and working on your behalf in all phases of litigation. He assesses the evidence, files cases in courts, and files appeals.

He has some duties and responsibilities. Here is a summary of his duties.


 Initial assessment

He discusses the issue with his client. Starts initial investigation and collects evidence. He examines the possibility of settlement out of court. If he needs to file a case, he prepares documents, takes the statements of witnesses. And discuss the matter.

If you are a defendant, he works work a strong defense.


A litigation lawyer files pleadings and motions. If you are a plaintiff, your lawyer will file a summons and complaint.  It will start the case. Defense lawyer submits answer and counterclaims in some cases.


The parties exchange relevant information in this phase. The experienced and skilled litigation lawyers have different tacts to get information. These strategies include interrogation and written questions. Another party must answer all questions.


Here strength and weakness of case are identified. Both the lawyer present case before the judge and lawyer are busy in preparing answers. Voir dire process is the start of the trial. The jury is selected and examining and cross-examining the witness is conducted. Evidence is presented before the court.

Appeal process

After a decision, a lawyer may file the appeal. But for this, he must give the evidence in his support. The process starts in the appellant court, and the same means of presenting evidence is begun.

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