Land your dream job with access to 50,000 contact details of senior human resource executives in the United States.

  • 50,000 senior human resource executive contacts, including e-mails at 50,000 companies.
  • HR executive contact information is continuously updated and telephone verified for accuracy.


You will receive a CSV file that can be opened using OpenOffice, Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel.

Data Fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Business Email of HR executive
  • Linkedin URL of HR executive 
  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Industry 
  • Company Phone 
  • Location (City, State, Zip Code) 

Instant Download –  50,000 contacts – Download link will be provided at checkout and emailed.  

Advantages of directly contacting HR executives for job opportunities:
  1. Personal Connection: Establishing a direct line of communication allows for a more personal connection with the HR executive, increasing the chances of being noticed.

  2. Immediate Feedback: Receive prompt feedback on your application or resume, enabling you to address any concerns or questions swiftly and potentially expediting the hiring process.

  3. Demonstrates Initiative: Contacting HR executives directly demonstrates initiative and proactive interest in the position, showcasing your enthusiasm for the role.

  4. Customized Communication: Tailor your communication to the specific needs and requirements of the job, highlighting how your skills and experiences align with what the company is seeking.

  5. Networking Opportunities: Building a direct connection with HR executives expands your professional network within the industry, presenting potential opportunities beyond the current job application.

  6. Enhanced Visibility: Stand out from other applicants who may rely solely on traditional application channels, increasing your visibility and chances of being considered for the position.

  7. Builds Relationship with Decision-Makers: Establishing a relationship with HR executives puts you in direct contact with key decision-makers in the hiring process, potentially influencing positive outcomes.
  8. Clear Communication: Direct communication allows for clarity in understanding job requirements, expectations, and the overall hiring process, reducing potential misunderstandings.

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